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    Nursing Care

    All of our nurses have worked previously in an clinical care setting and will be using  the clinical experience they have acquired there to better facilitate services to you such as:

    Clinical Assessments

    We take the time to get to know our client to ensure the correct assessment is made based on not only the health professional but also the client themselves so that they will receive the care they need to remain independent and active.

    Medication Management

    We will work with allied health together to ensure correct medication is administered on time and minimise the danger of wrongful dosage for the client.

    Wound Management

    We assess all wound according to the needs of the client, decide what dressing scheme is the most optimal for wound healing and then apply dressing using sterile technique to minimise infections and to promote healing.

    Diabetes Management

    We assess your individual needs and health condition to arrange a tailed treatment advice and program that emphasis on a combination of exercise, diet and medication.

    Nursing care after surgery or hospital visits

    We will liaise with your doctor and your hospital discharge note to tailor care based on your daily needs and change it accordingly to help you recover sooner.

    Mobility Equipment Purchases and Leasing

    We will assist you with purchase or rental of mobility aids, lifting and standing hoists, air mattress to relieve pressure, providing instructions and assistance with all mobility aids usage.

    Enteral Therapy

    Enteral therapy is for the client who can no longer swallow due to a specific health condition, our specially trained nurses understand parenteral nutrition and how this differs from oral or enteral nutrition, indications for use and to minimise the potential risks involved.

    Palliative Nursing Care

    Our palliative care approach is holistic, we are not only there to look after the person in palliative care but also to ensure the needs of family and friends who are in distress. We focus on pain management and enhancing the quality of life.

    Dementia Care

    Our nurses are specially trained in diversional therapy to help clients who are suffering from dementia. We work closely with the family member to tailed a client-specific nursing care plan to help them to stay at home with their family, and the care plan is changed according to the level of client needs and diagnosis.

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