Did you know EICARE is also a Registered NDIS Provider?

    At EICARE, we are providing quality care not only for the elderly but also for people living with disabilities to improve their quality of life.
    We are a Registered NDIS Provider and are eligible for the following services.

    Household Tasks

    We can help clients with day by day errands which they are not able to do by themselves, Includes meal preparation, home and garden maintenance, cleaning and laundry.

    Assistive Product-personal care/safety

    We can provide clients with support for products that are designed for better personal care or safety, includes beds and pressure altering mattresses, bathroom equipment such as commodes, continence needs and specialised clothing.

    Community Nursing Care

    We provide this service to clients who have complex health care needs that are best supported by trained staff that have more experience and skill to deal with complex health needs.
    EICARE is a Registered NDIS Provider for Community Nursing Care. We are registered to deliver:

    • Day-to-day management of medications
    • Complex Bowel Care
    • Tracheostomy Management
    • Enteral (Naso-Gastric Tube – Jejunum or Duodenum) Feeding and Management
    • Subcutaneous Injections
    • Urinary Catheter Management (In-dwelling Urinary Catheter, In-out Catheter, Suprapubic Catheter)
    • Complex Wound Management

    Personal Services


    Mobility aid and assistance with mobility

    Assistance with purchase or rental of mobility aids, lifting and standing hoists, air mattress to relieve pressure, providing instructions and assistance with all mobility aids.


    Social activities and outing

    Transport to and from GP and allied health, shopping, visiting friends and family and other social activities.


    Continence management

    Assistance in applying and changing continence aids, going to the toilet, catheterisation and enemas.


    Complex nursing care

    Wound management, diabetic management, Enteral feeding, stoma care, etc.



    EICARE continues to empower individuals living with disability resources and support to improve skills, build confidence and trial a more independent lifestyle.

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