• Home Care Package

    Many assume that when the needs of an aging adult reach a certain point, their options for care are limited to a care facility.

    Home Care Package

    Many assume that when the needs of an aging adult reach a certain point, their options for care are limited to a care facility.



    Home Care Package

    What is home care package?

    The home care package is a government-funded program that pays the care provider of your choice to assist in your active daily living needs for you to remain independent.

    Am I eligible for a government-funded home care package?

    If you need any help with this process of finding out eligibility for you and your loved ones or just want to have a chat regarding the process just give us a call on 1300 180 888 and one of our consultants will talk you through these steps below.

    1. First, you must contact My Aged Care directly by calling 1800 200 422 and they will ask you a series of questions.

    2. Then The Aged Care Assessment Team will visit you at your home to determine if you are eligible for a home care package and which package best meets your care needs.

    If you are deemed eligible you will receive some forms from the Department of Human Services to assess your financial income which would determine if any out of pocket fees you might need to pay.

    What level of care is available to you?

    There are 4 levels of care depends on your situation and health condition, which is determined by the ACAT(Aged Care Assessment Team)

    • Level 1 Basic care needs – approximately $8,800 a year
    • Level 2 Low care needs – approximately $15,500 a year
    • Level 3 Intermediate care needs – approximately $33,700 a year
    • Level 4 High care needs – approximately $51,100 a year

    (These figures are rounded)

    How much do I have to pay?

    Here is the good news, we don’t charge you for Basic Daily Fees which most companies do. It is usually 17.5 % of your age pensions or potentially saving you up to $4000 a year. We believe our experienced consultant can maximise your existing care package and this money can be spent on yourself instead.

    After an assessment of your financial situation by the Department of Human Service, If your income is more than $25711.40 or you and your partners combined income is greater than $39925.60. You will be requested to contribute to the Home Care Package. This fee is compulsory and set by the government and can not be waived by any provider.

    My aged care also has included a free Home Care Fees Estimator to let you have a rough idea of how much you might need to pay. And since we don’t charge the Basic Daily Fees, that’s more money for your hip pockets!

    What service is included in my home care package?

    There is a wide range of services you have access to under the Home Care Package which are:

    • Personal services: help with personal daily living needs such as bathing, toileting, dressing and undressing,

    • Assistance with eating, meal preparation and diet: assisting with feeding those with disability and special needs, assistance with meal preparation and dietary needs such as diabetics.

    • Mobility aid and assistance with mobility: assistance with purchase or rental of mobility aids, lifting and standing hoists, air mattress to relieve pressure, providing instructions and assistance with all mobility aids.

    • Social activities and outing: Transport to and from GP and allied health, shopping, visiting friends and family and other social activities.

    • Continence management: assistance in applying and changing continence aids, going to the toilet, catheterisation and enemas.

    • Allied health service: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietician, speech pathology, podiatrist, optometrist and other allied health services.

    • Complex nursing care: Wound management, diabetic management, Enteral feeding, stoma care, etc.

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