• About Us

    About Us


    EICARE, our core philosophy is driven by the guiding principles, Empowerment & Independence.

    Our enjoyment of life is determined by different things at different stages of our lives. Whether we can do everything ourselves or we need help, we can define it as the degree to which we have control over our lives and are able to enjoy the things which matter to us most.

    EI Care is more than just a name. Empowerment and Independence are the core values which drive us every day. The capacity to experience these in our daily lives are the keys to living well. The support we provide is based on our knowledge of what you need and expect, so you are free to focus on what is most important to you. We work with you to create a service tailored to your changing needs and your individual preferences. Our service is designed to integrate seamlessly into your lives making you feel we are almost a part of your family, understanding and anticipating your needs without you having to ask.


    EI Care brings together a team of motivated and passionate individuals who share the same values and vision. Our team members are chosen for their ability to embody these values.

    It is our mission to deliver a detailed and personalised home service to all of our clients on the basis that everything from the smallest need to major potentially life-changing events is of equal concern. Contact with family and friends, financial security and good health are prime concerns we all share but it is often our experience of the small things in life which determine our happiness and peace of mind. No concern is considered unimportant or beyond our scope to provide advice or assistance.

    With our balance of clinical skills, practical ability, compassion and common sense we are proud to offer a superior service that puts you both at the centre and in control of your life.

    Your carers will constantly evaluate our service to ensure it is still meeting your needs and provide feedback to our team. Your personal Case Manager will always be available to visit, discuss and refine our service to better meet your needs and expectations.

    We look forward to accompanying you as you continue your life journey.